Meet Stephanie

Stephanie TranWho Am I?
Stephanie Tran is a seasoned and highly sought after Life Coach and Emotional Freedom Technique Expert and Practitioner. I’m currently one of only 30 Pro EFT experts in the world. With a background in Reiki, I’m highly experienced and trained in helping people get rid of all their emotional blocks, thus freeing up their energy levels and enabling them to become successful, lose weight, attract abundance and wealth, remove all fear and phobias, live in harmony with the universe and themselves, and enjoy their relationships.
I’m also a specialist in helping people overcome food addictions, grief relief, trauma, PTSD, stress and anxiety relief. Other areas of specialization include relief from depression, performance anxiety, shame, guilt, emotional problems, and chronic pain.
What Qualifies Me to Help You?
Credentials & Certifications in the following fields:
1. Certified Pro-EFT/MTT Practitioner
2. Master Teacher
3. Ultimate Practitioner’s Training by Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master
4. Certificate of Attendance: Matrix Reimprinting
5. Certified Energy Therapist
6. Mastery University, Robbins Research International, Inc.
7. Pro-EFT Cert, Meridian Tapping Technique- 2010
8. EFT – Gary Craig
9. Certified Pro-EFT The National Alliance For Emotional Health
10. Certified Energy Therapist – HCH An Institute for Psycho -Spiritual Trainings.
11. Reiki Master Teacher – HCH An Institute for Psycho-Spiritual Trainings.

My knowledge and skills stem from a mix of life experiences and informal education. I’ve been through weight gain, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic pain, acute stress and depression; all of which I conquered and overcame using the same methods I’ve perfected over the years. So, trust me, I’ve been where you are now… I know your pain.

Testimonial from one of Stephanie’s clients:
“ … When you talk to Stephanie, you get the sense that she knows you and what you’ve been through. This is largely because she’s very much in tune and intuitive to people’s pains and anguish”.

Quotes from Stephanie Tran – PRO EFT Practitioner:
“Although, I do hold many certifications in my field, my experiences are my “true credentials” … My personal life and struggles gave me sort of like a P.H.D. (metaphorically speaking) in trauma, stress, depression, PTSD and anxiety. Through EFT, I not only overcame all of these issues, I have a new found, loving relationship with myself…”
“I have figured something out… I have already invested the time, money and energy into finding out what works versus what does not and can pass that knowledge to you. Saving you years of continuous grief, money and wasted efforts.”

How Can I Help You?
I help people through their unique situations by advocating and teaching the art of tapping as an effective EFT method. I usually combine EFT with the Law of Attraction principles for the best and speediest results in not just health, but also financial abundance and prosperity.
EFT works! Plain and simple…. Now, if you combine EFT with the “Law of Attraction…” Talk about having your cake and eating it too …!
Get in touch with me today for a free consultation and together, let’s transform your life.

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  1. Stephanie has amazing gifts to share, as she stays solidly present with whatever is needed in the moment. My suffering has been intense, and Stephanie stays right there with me, adding in coaching, or therapeutic healings, as they are needed. She is a true inspiration.

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