1. Q: How can you help me with the things that are “blocking” me from getting what I want?
A: I help you heal the past (limiting beliefs, blockages) so that you have the energy to embrace their future.

2. Q: Why do I keep re-experiencing the same (negative) things in my life? The same relationships, health issues, emotional stress, financial issues, etc.?
A: We are all programmed from our past experiences which include childhood and adulthood traumas, limiting beliefs, fears, family influence and so on. Because of these programs, we will continue to “attract” and re-live these experiences unless we change our programming (subconscious. The subconscious mind is 1 million times more powerful than the conscious mind). With EFT and the Law of Attraction, you are able to change your programing, in some instances, almost instantly, so that history does not repeat itself. You are then able to reprogram yourself (subconscious) with the things that you “do want” in your life (Abundance, prosperity, more money, optimal health (physical, mental and emotional), etc.

3. Q: What are some of the benefits of EFT?
A: Depending on what you want, some of the more common benefits gained from EFT is a “whole and happy” feeling or well-being. Another benefit, that many people, including my clients have gained is to “feel love” like they have never felt before and having healthy, loving relationships with themselves and others.

4. Q: Why choose EFT with Stephanie? What makes your services stand out?
A: Most likely, I have been where you are at, right now. I spent many years searching and looking for solutions to my own challenges. I suffered from trauma, PTSD, depression, health issues and so on before I was able to resolve these issues with EFT. I not only experienced the dramatic transformation in my life, I was able to help others do the same. You see, I have found a way in which you can live a thriving, happy life. Working with me, will save you many years or even a life time of continuous pain and suffering. Working with me, you will save yourself from spending lots of money, doing other interventions that simply do not work for you. You WILL get to experience happiness and fulfillment in this life time…

5. Q: What issues or problems can you help me with?
A: Great question! PTSD of any kind (physical abuse, war veteran, sexual abuse (directly or indirectly), physical abuse, any traumatic event experienced that you keep reliving, relationship issues, job loss, property loss stress, financial and business issues), depression, insomnia, anxiety, low-self-esteem, health related issues, weight loss, social anxiety, stress, money and finance issues, etc. I offer a free No obligation consultation.

6. Q: You offer a FREE No-obligation consultation. How does that work and how do I schedule with you?

A: I offer a Free No-obligation consultation (over the phone). The consultation typically takes about 45 minutes. Prior to the consultation, you will have a topic that you want to discuss, so that the consultation time will be well spent. During the consultation, I will give you my professional suggestions. Then we can both decide if we will move forward in setting up an appointment. Please click here to schedule a FREE consultation.

7. Q: How do I schedule an actual appointment/session and how long are the sessions?

A: To schedule an appointment (not the same as FREE consultation) you can click on the Schedule An Appointment link. Each session is about 2 hours in length. I offer 3 different session options, for your convenience:

• Face to face: in my office (this should be a link to contact and address page) in San Leandro, CA.
• Phone: we can do a session over the phone as many of my clients opt to do this, if meeting in person is not practical (live out of the state, or out of the country. Live far away). I even have clients who are local who choose to do phone sessions.
• Skype: with technology constantly evolving, some clients choose to engage via Skype video or voice call.

8. Q: What are some of your success stories? How have you helped your clients?

A: Don’t just take my word for it… Check out the Testimonials page and see for yourself.

To your Transformation…
Stephanie Tran-PRO EFT Practitioner

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