EFT and The Law of Attraction

EFT and The Law of Attraction- How EFT Can Help You Attract More Abundance

For most people, the law of attraction holds little or no meaning. Yes, they may have heard of it. But its efficacy and usefulness is generally seen as being too good to be true. Some people generally think of the law of attraction as something totally unrealistic. Some others think it’s just a new scheme aimed at ripping people off of their hard earned money.
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EFT and PTSD- How EFT Can Help You Get Over PTSD

Most victims of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) don’t know that they can get relief by tapping and using emotional freedom techniques (EFTs). This is not surprising as most sufferers and their doctors tend to think of psychiatry and the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) technique as the only possible aids to living with PTSD.
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EFT Can Treat Trauma & Depression

EFT Can Treat Trauma & Depression

Trauma and depression may sound like problems that plague only a few people but in reality every person in the world is susceptible to these problems. The sheer complexity of trauma and depression make them difficult to be judged. Once it is obvious that a person is suffering from these problems, there are very few proven methods to treat the situation and offer a solution. EFT is one of those rare methods that have been known to offer successful and sustainable results.
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